Inner-Healing Survey

My Story

Each of us has a story filled with memories, experiences, and circumstances that make our lives unique to us but not uncommon to the human experience. Gaining our freedom from oppression requires that we look closely, introspectively at our own story, our personal history. The MY STORY survey compiled by Restoring the Foundations International ( has proven to be one of the most thorough and effective deliverance ministry questionnaires that we have found for identifying and exploring our needs for spiritual healing. Soul Care Ministries currently use this survey along with prayer and biblical counseling to assist with processing people through deliverance ministry and deeper healing. For those desiring that Soul Care Ministries assist with their deliverance ministry process, an initial counseling session with the perspective deliverance candidate is strongly recommended before the candidate undertakes the intensive task of completing this survey. This survey must be completed entirely and honestly and submitted to Soul Care Ministries for review and prayer BEFORE deliverance sessions are scheduled.